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Frequently asked questions about applying to rent one of our properties

How do we apply to become tenants?

Each adult (18 years or older) that will reside at the property (even if only part-time) must submit a fully completed rental application.  Once the application is completed and submitted to us, we will instruct Transunion SmartMove to initiate a credit and background check (see below).  Once the credit and background check is satisfactory, we will then check your references.  You will be invited to become tenants and sign a lease once the above has been completed satisfactorily.

Where do I find a copy of the application?

Our application and the application information can be found right here on this website (or click here).

There is no application fee?

Correct. We do not charge any application fee.  However, each applicant will need to pay Transunion SmartMove about $30 (see Transunion SmartMove link below for more information and current pricing) to complete a credit and background check.

Do you perform a credit and criminal background check?

Yes.  We require a credit check and a criminal background check through TransUnion SmartMove (see below) for each adult that will be living in the property.

What if I don't have perfect credit?

We are not expecting everyone to have perfect credit.  We understand that people looking to rent may not have perfect credit.  We are looking at your credit history to see that you have been paying your bills on time and that you are working to either improve or keep your good credit rating.  If your credit is bad, but the rest of your references look good, we may ask for a larger security deposit.

How do you keep my personal information secure?

We are using TransUnion which is on of the top three credit reporting agencies in the country.  We will never see or receive your social security information.  TransUnion SmartMove gives you the ability to apply for a lease while protecting your personal identifying information.

When you use SmartMove, you provide your Social Security number directly to TransUnion—not an unknown landlord. TransUnion will verify your identity and provide us with a leasing recommendation, credit report and criminal history. We don't see personal identifying information such as your Social Security number or bank account numbers. This way, your sensitive information remains safe with TransUnion, a secure, trusted credit reporting company that safely houses credit data for approximately 500 million people worldwide.

Plus, your credit score is not impacted when you use SmartMove. Unlike when a landlord or lender retrieves your credit report, SmartMove lets you be the one to initiate the request for your own file to be sent so it's a 'soft hit' on your history, which doesn't impact your credit.

How does TransUnion SmartMove work?

Unlike traditional screening methods, SmartMove is all online. You'll receive an email request from the us with a link to Simply create a secure account in seconds, review the our request and choose whether or not to grant consent. We will receive notification instantly, helping to speed up the rental application process and keep your personal identifying information more secure.

How much is the background check and who pays?

TransUnion SmartMove only charges about $30 per adult (see Transunion SmartMove site for updated pricing) for the credit and background checks.  Transunion SmartMove will collect the money directly from each applicant before the checks can be completed.

How can I learn more about TransUnion SmartMove?

Visit their website located at